Just like Modigliani – Grade 3/4 A&B

Grade 3/4 A&B students have recently finished their Amedeo Modigliani inspired portraits. Above and below are just a few but I will be sure to photograph and upload some more. The students have done a fabulous job and they should all be very proud of their achievements during this Unit of work. These were created using chalk pastel on black card.

Key features of Modigliani’s portraits:

  • He used basic shapes and painted long, oval faces with stretched out necks
    and long limbs.
  • Eyes, noses and mouths in the faces are not positioned in the ‘right’ place.
  • His portraits were often outlined in black.
  • Sometimes the faces are tilted.

Stain Glass Kite Sun Catchers!

A little earlier on in the term, Grade 1/2 students created these beautiful stain glass kite sun catchers to decorate our art room windows. The materials used were black card, clear contact and tissue paper.

I cut the basic kite shape out, stuck it to the contact and trimmed the black strips. Placement of the sectioning strips was determined by the students. Then they used pieces of coloured tissue paper to fill in each section. Super easy and a beautiful way to brighten up any window.


Hello. Nice to meet you!

My name is Miss Burridge and I teach P-6 Visual Arts at Monmia Primary School.

I love making art with children and teaching them about art in our world. Photography, printmaking and ceramics are my favorite types of art to experiment with in my free time.

Through this blog I will share the work that Monmia students are creating and making in my Art Room.

Welcome and enjoy!