Grade Prep – Around the Farm!

Grade Prep A have been exploring the work of American illustrator Eric Carle and the way that he works with the method of collage to illustrate his stories.

Students began their artworks by preparing different painted sheets of paper to use in their collage. The sky was created using blue food dye. Salt was sprinkled on the wet food dye and as it dried, a blotchy pattern appeared. The students thought these blotches looked like clouds. They used green acrylic paint to cover paper for grass – moving a plastic spatular over their work to create a textured effect.

Students practiced their paper cutting and tearing skills to collage clouds in the sky and grass on the ground. Each student then created a cow and an additional one-two animals of their choice to add to their collage.

Grade 1/2 A&B – Frogs and microscopic pond creatures

Grade 1/2 students have been imagining what microscopic pond creatures might look like under a microscope. They have carefully examined the lines and organic shapes in their artworks and then turned them into the little bugs and creatures that lie hidden in pond water. A selection of John Olsen’s artworks have been a wonderful inspiration for this task.

As mentioned in a previous post, my students really enjoyed watching the following video:

The Hidden Life in Pond Water –

Grade 5/6 A&B – Pop Art Sculptures

Back in the art room after two weeks of school holidays! This week Grade 5/6 students began painting and detailing their Pop Art ice cream and donut sculptures.

First they recorded their ideas – creating a plan for how they would approach the painting and detailing component of this task. Idea development is an important step towards achieving desired art making results.

Next week students will complete their sculptures. They will all be on display at the annual Monmia P.S Art Show on Monday 22 May. Save the date!

Frogs, frogs, frogs! – Grade 1/2 C&D

This gorgeous little guy leaped off the drying rack today and put an instant smile on my face. Such personality!

Grade 1/2 C&D students are going to create a stamped background for their awesome little frogs. Check back in after the school holidays to see their completed artworks.

Grade 5/6 A&B – Paper Mache!

It was a busy Wednesday morning with 5/6 A&B students in the art room. They all eagerly applied paper mache to their ice cream and donut sculptures. Students faced a number of challenges along the way such as collapsing cones and sliding scoops of ice cream, but with some advise and modelling they were able to successfully solve these problems.

Now these sculptures need a good few days to dry and harden!

Next week we will be exploring a variety of artworks by Claes Oldenburg and Wayne Thiebaud. Oldenburg is an American sculptor, best known for his public art installations typically featuring large replicas of everyday objects. Thiebaud is an American painter, widely known for his colorful works depicting commonplace objects such as lipsticks and paint cans as well as food items including ice cream cones, pastries, and hot dogs.

Students will draw on these artists and their artworks as inspiration for painting and detailing their Pop Art sculptures.

Pond life and it’s hidden creatures! – Grade 1/2 A&B

A few students were left with a light headache after blowing this blue and yellow food dye around with straws, but the results were well worth it!

The next step for these artworks is to turn the lines and organic shapes into frogs and pond creatures using fineliner. What creatures can you see hiding in these abstract artworks?

The Grade 1/2 students are exploring artworks by Australian artist John Olsen and using them as inspiration for this project. They were very impressed by his frog artworks and his use of line, shape and colour.

They also watched this fantastic video – ‘The Hidden Life In Pond Water’

I am looking forward to posting the students finished artworks after the school holidays. I can’t wait to see where their imaginations take them.

Grade 5/6 – A sculpture kind of morning


It was a busy morning in the art room today with Grade 5/6 students creating 3D forms of ice creams and donuts in preparation for applying paper mâché next week.

During this Unit of work, students will be learning about and exploring Pop Art. Our artists for inspiration are Claes Oldenburg and Wayne Thiebaud.

Oldenburg is an American sculptor – best known for his public art installations typically featuring large replicas of everyday objects. Thiebaud is an American painter widely known for his colorful works depicting commonplace objects and food from popular culture.

I showed this short YouTube video to my students today – It is a nice little introduction to Pop Art.