Grade 3/4 C&D – Paper flowers

Grade 3/4 C&D students worked superbly on these paper flowers for the school concert. They carefully cut out and arranged their flower petals in a radial manner. Students learnt how to fringe and curl paper to add a sculptural element to their work. Some lovely colour combinations. A really enjoyable activity. These looked fantastic as props during the concert!

Grade 3/4 C&D – Just like Modigliani!

Grade 3/4 students have been learning about Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani and analysing the key characteristics of his portraits.

The students discussed how he used basic shapes and painted long, oval faces with stretched out necks. They also observed how the eyes, noses and mouths in Modigliani’s portraits are not positioned in the ‘right’ place.

Students used a photograph of themselves as inspiration to draw a self-portrait in the style of Modigliani. They worked with oil pastels or soft pastels to add blocks of colour and finished off their work with a black outline just like Modigliani so often did.

Such a fun activity. I love teaching this Unit of work to Grade 3/4. The kids seem to find it interesting and different and they are not afraid to have a go at drawing themselves in this quirky style. I think they enjoy the fact that these portraits are out of proportion and a bit unusual.

Grade 3/4 A&B – Relief Printmaking

Grade 3/4 A&B have been learning about relief printmaking and how to create a scratch foam printing plate.

The theme for this unit of work was all things insect, spider and creepy crawly! I provided the students with some stimulous material to help them develop their own ideas and sketches. They were required to choose one of their drawings to transfer onto a piece of scratch foam. Students traced their original drawing and put the tracing paper on top of their foam plate. Then they used a pencil to draw back over the outlines of their work so it would make an impression in the foam.

Students learnt how to use a roller and barren correctly before printing their own edition of prints. Some students also created a unique background to print on and have included this in their edition. Next week the students will be learning how to correctly label their prints and how to mount and present their favourite one.

Grade 3/4 A&B – City Buildings


Grade 3/4 students have been busy working on their city buildings. Students have been exploring the work of Paul Klee and the way he used colour and shape in his artworks. They have also been learning about how to create an illusion of distance and depth in an artwork by using a basic one point perspective technique and the element of tone.

The students finished artworks will be presented as a standing installation in the upcoming Art Show!

Just like Modigliani – Grade 3/4 A&B

Grade 3/4 A&B students have recently finished their Amedeo Modigliani inspired portraits. Above and below are just a few but I will be sure to photograph and upload some more. The students have done a fabulous job and they should all be very proud of their achievements during this Unit of work. These were created using chalk pastel on black card.

Key features of Modigliani’s portraits:

  • He used basic shapes and painted long, oval faces with stretched out necks
    and long limbs.
  • Eyes, noses and mouths in the faces are not positioned in the ‘right’ place.
  • His portraits were often outlined in black.
  • Sometimes the faces are tilted.