2017 – A Brilliant Year!

I have been a bit tardy with my posts these past couple of months. I’ve been focused on reports, reports, reports!

As 2017 comes to an end, Id like to reflect on a wonderful year in Visual Arts at Monmia.

Thank you for following my blog and engaging in the outstanding work of my gorgeous little Monmia artists.

I’m so pleased to say that I will be returning to Monmia in 2018. I have great things planned and I am looking so forward to continuing the creative journey with my students.

Cheers to a fabulous New Year!

Miss Burridge

Grade 1/2 C&D – Cyanotype Photograms

Recently, Grade 1/2 students made these gorgeous cyanotypes.

They were asked to arrange a variety of everyday objects and materials on a plain white piece of paper. Some students used the objects to resemble particular things such as trees and even spiders!

Once their composition was complete, students carefully re-positioned their objects onto a sheet of cyanotype paper. They carried their boards outside and placed them in the sun for a few short minutes. Cyanotype paper reacts to UV light.

When students took their boards back inside, they removed the objects to reveal a unique photogram. The looks and sounds of excitement amongst the students was just wonderful. They rinsed their artwork in running water to fix it into place and to stop further exposure whilst still wowing at the results.

Grade Prep B – Printmaking

Grade Prep B had a blast using various fruit and vegetables as stamps! They were asked to choose 2-3 of their favourite prints and cut them out. These were glued onto brightly coloured papers and the students transformed their prints into quirky and funny little monsters. Of course the option to add some googley eye was a welcome hit!

Grade 3/4 C&D – Relief Printmaking

Grade 3/4 C&D have been learning about relief printmaking and how to create a scratch foam printing plate.

The theme for this unit of work was all things insect, spider and creepy crawly! I provided the students with some stimulous material to help them develop their own ideas and sketches. They were required to choose one of their drawings to transfer onto a piece of scratch foam. Students traced their original drawing and put the tracing paper on top of their foam plate. Then they used a pencil to draw back over the outlines of their work so it would make an impression in the foam.

Students learnt how to use a roller and barren correctly before printing their own edition of prints. Some students also created a unique background to print on and have included this in their edition.

Printmaking is one of my favourite art methods to teach! I just love watching my students faces when they lift their paper from their printing plate to eagerly observe their results.

Grade 1/2 C&D – Vincent van Gogh inspired blossom tree branches in vase

Grade 1/2 students have been exploring the artworks of Vincent van Gogh. They have been learning about the way he used line, colour and texture in his work.

Students talked about Spring and what this season looks like, sounds like and feels like. Then, using grey led pencil, they draw from observation a vase with blossom tree branches. Students used PVA glue to ‘draw’ over the outlines of their work. This was then left to dry.

When the PVA glue dried it left raised, bumpy lines throughout the artwork. These created an interesting texture and base to apply a different type of media on top. The students worked with oil pastels, drawing short and quick strokes, to replicate the painting style of van Gough. They used bubble wrap coated with paint to ‘stamp’ little blossoms onto the tree branches.

Grade 1/2 did a fantastic job creating these artworks. The students were very proud of their finished pieces.

Grade Prep B – Collage Birds

Sorry I have ben MIA with blog updates! Time has just gotten away from me. The holidays flew by and now we are already four weeks into a super busy term!

Just before the holidays, Grade Prep finished their gorgeous bird collages. These artworks were inspired by Victorian based artist Pete Cromer. Prep students explored a variety of his artworks and learnt about how he creates his amazing pieces using the art method of collage.

Preps painted all of their own paper in preparation for cutting out shapes to build their collage. They experimented with watercolour washes and food dye in spray bottles (super messy fun!).

I developed a worked example and showed students how to draw a variety of shapes to represent the birds body, beak, eye, wing etc. They did a fantastic job carefully cutting out their shapes and putting together their bird. I just love these artworks!

Grade 3/4A – Vincent Van gogh inspired cherry blossoms

Yesterday was Grade 3/4 Planning Day. Therefore, I had the opportunity to teach 3/4A for a double lesson.

The students learnt about Vincent Van gogh and the way he applied paint using lots of lines and a mix of colours. They began this task with some observational drawing. Students sketched the cherry blossoms and  the vase I had placed them in. They used oil pastels to imitate the textured brush strokes of Van gogh – rendering their vase, blossom branches and leaves.

Students applied pink paint to bubble wrap and used this to add blossom flowers to their artwork – stamping throughout the branches. This was a really fun mixed media activity.

Grade 3/4 C&D – Paper flowers

Grade 3/4 C&D students worked superbly on these paper flowers for the school concert. They carefully cut out and arranged their flower petals in a radial manner. Students learnt how to fringe and curl paper to add a sculptural element to their work. Some lovely colour combinations. A really enjoyable activity. These looked fantastic as props during the concert!

Grade 5/6 C&D – Semi abstract artworks


As promised, here are some more of the Grade 5/6 semi-abstract nature artworks. Arn’t they stunning!

Such beautiful and expressive use of colour, line and shape.

So many students excelled at this task and pushed themselves to achieve such outstanding results. These works will go up on display next week. Be sure to check them out!

Grade Prep B – The colour wheel

Grade Prep have been learning about the colour wheel and primary and secondary colours.

Preps learnt that the primary colours (red, blue and yellow) are special because they cannot be created by mixing other colours. They learnt that these three special colours are used to create secondary colours (orange, green and purple). This happens when two primary colours are mixed together.

Students made their own colour wheel so that they could learn which primary colour combinations make each secondary colour.

They turned their colour wheels into turtles so that they can refer to them as a handy reminder during activities for the rest of the year.