Monmia Primary School Art Show 2018

Another school year, another art show!

I think this one topped last years event – Bigger and better!

I was blown away by the outstanding attendance. It was so wonderful to see the students, with such pride, sharing their artworks with family and friends.

The art show is a big event on the Monmia calendar. Staff and students work really, really hard to bring it all together.

The quality of the student work, particularly from Visual Arts, was outstanding! I was so proud of all of my students and thrilled that most of them had 2-3 artworks in the show.

If you weren’t able to attend on the night, check out some of the photos below.



Grade 3/4 – Big Birds!

I first saw ‘big birds’ through another teachers Instagram page. Her classes had loved this task and I thought it would be perfect for developing students understanding of the elements of line, shape and colour and the principle of pattern.

The hardest part about this task was the preparation! I had to cut out all of the cardboard pieces. I got very sore fingers!

Each student was allocated 1-2 body parts. They were required to develop a design in their visual diary before drawing it onto their cardboard piece.

Students painted their work using acrylic paint, ensuring to use appropriate brush sizes for the smaller and larger sections.

When all of the pieces were finished I arranged and gluded the birds together using a hot glue gun.

They all looked so beautiful!