Grade 1/2 – Cyanotype Photograms

I love making photograms! If you don’t have access to an old school darkroom then cyanotypes on pre coated paper are the way to go.

Grade 1/2 students learnt how to make a photogram this week.

They were required to layout a design using a variety of everyday objects such as plastic beads, buttons, blocks etc.

After planning their composition, students were given a piece of cyanotype paper to re-place their design pieces on. They had a very limited time window as cyanotype paper reacts to UV light. Students carried a board with their paper and design on it outside and placed it in the sun for a few minutes.

When they returned to the art room they had to wash their print in water to stop the paper from developing and overexposing. I love this part. It’s when you get to see the excited and surprised looks on the students faces!

We used pre coated sun paper for this activity. It is safe and perfect for students.

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