Grade 3/4 – Frida Kahlo Inspired Monkeys

Grade 3/4 students recently completed these gorgeous Frida Kahlo inspired monkey portraits.

We explored and analyzed Frida’s self portraits and learnt about the different animals she had as pets. We talked about how her pet monkeys always appeared to be protecting her in her paintings. We also observed lots of tropical plants and interesting accessories in her portraits.

Students were required to draw a monkey portrait freehand using a 4 box grid drawing technique and a step by step drawing assistance sheet.

They carefully rendered their drawing with oil pastels and created a tropical plant background.

Students then created paper sculpture flower crowns for their monkeys to represent the link back to Fridas interesting hair accessories and jewellery.

The students really enjoyed this task. It was a great project that allowed students to practice a variety of different skills – drawing, rendering with pastel and paper sculpture collage.

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