Grade 1/2 – Sandra Silberzweig Inspired Portraits

Grade 1/2 students have been learning about Sandra Silberzweig and exploring the way she uses the elements of line, shape and colour in her artworks.

Students began this task by drawing in their visual diaries. They followed along together as I modeled how to draw the face. Then they had time to practice drawing their own interpretation of the face. Once confident, students drew a good copy of their line portrait and went over the outline with a black marker.

At this point, we started to learn about harmonious colours. Then, students were shown how to apply and blend soft pastels. They were asked to refer to the colour wheel to help them select groups of harmonious colours before applying pastel to their work.

Students used white pastel to add different line details to their artworks. They finished their pieces off by using a black oil pastel to go over their marker lines. This made their gorgeous, colorful work stand out superbly!

I love these pieces and thoroughly enjoyed teaching this Unit. The students had a blast and were so proud of their achievements. These kids are Grade 1/2. Amazing!!

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