Grade 1/2 – Cyanotype Photograms

I love making photograms! If you don’t have access to an old school darkroom then cyanotypes on pre coated paper are the way to go.

Grade 1/2 students learnt how to make a photogram this week.

They were required to layout a design using a variety of everyday objects such as plastic beads, buttons, blocks etc.

After planning their composition, students were given a piece of cyanotype paper to re-place their design pieces on. They had a very limited time window as cyanotype paper reacts to UV light. Students carried a board with their paper and design on it outside and placed it in the sun for a few minutes.

When they returned to the art room they had to wash their print in water to stop the paper from developing and overexposing. I love this part. It’s when you get to see the excited and surprised looks on the students faces!

We used pre coated sun paper for this activity. It is safe and perfect for students.

Grade 1/2 – Sandra Silberzweig Inspired Portraits

Grade 1/2 students have been learning about Sandra Silberzweig and exploring the way she uses the elements of line, shape and colour in her artworks.

Students began this task by drawing in their visual diaries. They followed along together as I modeled how to draw the face. Then they had time to practice drawing their own interpretation of the face. Once confident, students drew a good copy of their line portrait and went over the outline with a black marker.

At this point, we started to learn about harmonious colours. Then, students were shown how to apply and blend soft pastels. They were asked to refer to the colour wheel to help them select groups of harmonious colours before applying pastel to their work.

Students used white pastel to add different line details to their artworks. They finished their pieces off by using a black oil pastel to go over their marker lines. This made their gorgeous, colorful work stand out superbly!

I love these pieces and thoroughly enjoyed teaching this Unit. The students had a blast and were so proud of their achievements. These kids are Grade 1/2. Amazing!!

Grade 3/4 – Frida Kahlo Inspired Monkeys

Grade 3/4 students recently completed these gorgeous Frida Kahlo inspired monkey portraits.

We explored and analyzed Frida’s self portraits and learnt about the different animals she had as pets. We talked about how her pet monkeys always appeared to be protecting her in her paintings. We also observed lots of tropical plants and interesting accessories in her portraits.

Students were required to draw a monkey portrait freehand using a 4 box grid drawing technique and a step by step drawing assistance sheet.

They carefully rendered their drawing with oil pastels and created a tropical plant background.

Students then created paper sculpture flower crowns for their monkeys to represent the link back to Fridas interesting hair accessories and jewellery.

The students really enjoyed this task. It was a great project that allowed students to practice a variety of different skills – drawing, rendering with pastel and paper sculpture collage.

Grade 5/6 – Picasso Inspired Portraits

Its taken some time and a lot of persistence, but the Grade 5/6 students have finally completed their Picasso inspired cubist portraits.

They look amazing! I will ensure to post more as I photograph them.

Thoughts for my semester 2 classes… I love the task, but it certainly takes a lot of time and patience for students to achieve the outstanding results pictured above. I was thinking next Term I might get the students to paint their sharp, angular shapes instead. Basic dry pellet poster paints could be really effective with bold coloured pencil outlines to finish.