Space Portraits – Grade Prep A

I love Prep portraits. Especially Semester 1 Prep portraits. They always make me laugh and smile.

Prep students learnt about portraits and discussed all of the details in a portrait. They practised drawing themselves in their visual diaries and tried really hard to use their entire page! We started with the head, ears and neck. Then the hair and eyes. This was followed by eyebrows and the nose. Then finally they added their mouth.

The preppies experimented with soft pastels on their final portrait to add colour to their work. Some got a little carried away with the media. They sure didn’t mind getting their fingers dirty!

Leading up to the next lesson, I cut out all of the portraits and glued a space helmet cut out over the top.

The students were asked to create a space themed background for their portrait. First we brainstormed and closed our eyes – picturing ourselves in space. Then the preps used soft pastels to draw stars and planets. I provided each child with a moon and showed them how to add craters.

Finally, the students glued their portrait onto their background. Such a great first Unit of work for these little artists!

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