Matisse inspired collages – Grade 1/2

Grade 1/2 students explored the cut outs and paintings of Henri Matisse. They loved standing up to point out things in his artworks that captured their attention. The children had lots of comments and enjoyed participating in the class discussion.

They drew inspiration from his cut outs, describing the organic shapes in some artworks as coral and seaweed! They loved the bright colours in the goldfish paintings.

Students drew, cut out and collaged a variety of basic and organic shapes onto a card background. They painted A4 sheets of paper with blue and orange watercolour paint. Glad wrap was applied to their blue painting to create an eye catching ripple effect.

Students used a template to help them cut out their painted fish bowl. They looked at illustrations of goldfish before drawing and cutting out their own. All of these seperate elements were combined to create these fantastic, colourful artworks!

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