Grade 3/4 C&D – Relief Printmaking

Grade 3/4 C&D have been learning about relief printmaking and how to create a scratch foam printing plate.

The theme for this unit of work was all things insect, spider and creepy crawly! I provided the students with some stimulous material to help them develop their own ideas and sketches. They were required to choose one of their drawings to transfer onto a piece of scratch foam. Students traced their original drawing and put the tracing paper on top of their foam plate. Then they used a pencil to draw back over the outlines of their work so it would make an impression in the foam.

Students learnt how to use a roller and barren correctly before printing their own edition of prints. Some students also created a unique background to print on and have included this in their edition.

Printmaking is one of my favourite art methods to teach! I just love watching my students faces when they lift their paper from their printing plate to eagerly observe their results.

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