Grade 1/2 C&D – Vincent van Gogh inspired blossom tree branches in vase

Grade 1/2 students have been exploring the artworks of Vincent van Gogh. They have been learning about the way he used line, colour and texture in his work.

Students talked about Spring and what this season looks like, sounds like and feels like. Then, using grey led pencil, they draw from observation a vase with blossom tree branches. Students used PVA glue to ‘draw’ over the outlines of their work. This was then left to dry.

When the PVA glue dried it left raised, bumpy lines throughout the artwork. These created an interesting texture and base to apply a different type of media on top. The students worked with oil pastels, drawing short and quick strokes, to replicate the painting style of van Gough. They used bubble wrap coated with paint to ‘stamp’ little blossoms onto the tree branches.

Grade 1/2 did a fantastic job creating these artworks. The students were very proud of their finished pieces.

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