Grade 5/6 A&B – ‘Blue Dog’

We have blue dogs galore on display at Monmia. These appropriations of George Rodrigue’s ‘Blue Dog’ by Grade 5/6 are just wonderful! Im so proud of the way my students embraced and approached this Unit of work. It has deffinitaly been one of my favourite to teach.

The Pop Art inspired backgrounds complement the monochromatic paintings of the dog so well. The key to these backgrounds was to keep it simple – bold colour and geometric shapes.

I love how each dog differs in looks and personality!

I’ll be teaching this Unit again with my Semester 2 Grade 5/6 students. Cant wait! I hope the students enjoy this as much as 5/6 A&B did.


  1. Kellie

    Wow. These are fantastic! I love how the kids have added their own individual flare to each piece. They have such an impact when hung together.

  2. Chris

    Amazing! It’s great to see how the kids have been able blend the paint to create form and dimension. Very impactful and characterful!

  3. Bridget Mason

    LOVE this so much! Wow such great work – these remind me of my little 4 legged friend.

    Amazing work everyone!


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