Monmia Primary School Art Show 2017

The annual Monmia Primary School Art Show was held on Monday evening. I was blown away by the number of students, families and friends of the Monmia community that attended.

I am so proud of all of the students for working with such effort and pride to create their art pieces. Each of the learning spaces looked fabulous! Full of creativity. Gorgeous farm animals in the Prep area, ponds beaming with koi in the Grade 1/2 learning space, Modigliani inspired portraits and buildings galore in the Grade 3/4 CLS and an amazing display of Pop Art and portraits in the Grade 5/6 rooms.

If you weren’t able to attend the Art Show on Monday evening, please enjoy looking at photographs¬†of some of the artworks below. Encourage your child to talk to you about their artwork/s displayed in the show and how they went about making and creating these pieces.


    • missburridge

      Thank you for your feedback Chris. The student’s art works sure do look great as a collective display.

    • missburridge

      Thanks Claire. The Pop Art ice creams and donuts are my favourites too. I really enjoyed teaching this Unit of work and the students had a blast designing, constructing and detailing these sculptures.

  1. Kellie

    Wow. I’m impressed with just how creative these kids are. I love the bright colours, different textures, shapes and art designs created by the kids. Amazing job by the students and staff at Monmia Primary School to organise such an event.

    • missburridge

      Thank you for your feedback Kellie. The students at Monmia sure are creative. They worked with such effort and pride to create their art pieces. So pleased you enjoyed the Art Show.

  2. Victoria Page

    Congratulations! Monmia Primary School Art Show was a testament to the excellence that can be achieved through high expectations and the nurturing of creativity.

    I was warmly welcomed into the Monmia Primary School community to admire the budding talents of years Prep to Year 6 artists. Taken on a journey and woven throughout the entire school classrooms, it was a pleasure to view the artistic creations of each year level. It was particularly pleasing to notice the developmental stages in the children’s artworks and the obvious extension that had been provided to excel beyond their expected age accomplishment.

    As a guest to the community, the young artists proudly discussed their creative processes with me and articulated with confidence the intended meaning and concepts of their work. This personal touch to the Art Show experience, complemented by the bubbly teaching staff, illustrated the supportive nature and community at Monmia.

    • missburridge

      Thank you Victoria for you lovely comments and feedback.

      I certainly do have high expectations of all of the children in my Visual Arts classes. I challenge them and they rise to those challenges – often surprising themselves with the results they achieve.

      We definitely strive as a staff to maintain a warm and supportive community spirit at Monmia with and amongst the students and their families.

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