Grade 1/2 A&B – Cyanotypes

Yesterday Grade 1/2 students made these gorgeous cyanotypes.

They began by tracing two creatures of their choice using permanent marker onto a sheet of transparency. Then students created a habitat arrangement for their creatures using sticks, leaves, plants and grass from outside in the school yard.

Once their composition was complete, students carefully moved their transparency sheet with accompanying plant material onto a sheet of cyanotype paper. They carried their boards outside and placed them in the sun for a few short minutes. Cyanotype paper reacts to UV light.

When students took their boards back inside, they removed the plant material and transparency sheet to reveal a unique photogram. The looks and sounds of excitement amongst the students was just wonderful. They rinsed their artwork in running water to fix it into place and to stop further exposure whilst still wowing at the results.

All of the cyanotypes will be on display at the upcoming Art Show on Monday 22 May.


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