Grade 1/2 A&B – Autumn Trees


Grade 1/2 students have been exploring the artworks of Vincent van Gogh. They have been learning about the way he used line, colour and texture in his work.

Students talked about Autumn and what this season looks like, sounds like and feels like. Then, using grey led pencil, they drew a tree on a tall black sheet of paper. Students used PVA glue to ‘draw’ over the outline of their tree. This was then left to dry.

When the PVA glue dried it left raised, bumpy lines throughout the artwork. These created an interesting texture and base to apply a different type of media on top. The students worked with oil pastels, drawing short and quick strokes, to replicate the painting style of Van Gough. They used warm, Autumn colours for their tree, and cooler colours for the sky background.

Grade 1/2 did a fantastic job creating these artworks. The students were very proud of their finished pieces. These beautiful Autumn trees will be on display in the school courtyard for the next couple of weeks.


Grade 5/6 A&B – ‘Blue Dog’

A couple of the completed ‘Blue Dog’ appropriations by Grade 5/6. Students created a Pop Art inspired background for their dog using coloured paper. Then, they carefully cut out their painting and positioned the dog on the background.

These look fantastic! The students have really impressed me with their ability to paint in a monochromatic way. As soon as some more are collaged to backgrounds, I will post them here.

Monmia Primary School Art Show 2017

The annual Monmia Primary School Art Show was held on Monday evening. I was blown away by the number of students, families and friends of the Monmia community that attended.

I am so proud of all of the students for working with such effort and pride to create their art pieces. Each of the learning spaces looked fabulous! Full of creativity. Gorgeous farm animals in the Prep area, ponds beaming with koi in the Grade 1/2 learning space, Modigliani inspired portraits and buildings galore in the Grade 3/4 CLS and an amazing display of Pop Art and portraits in the Grade 5/6 rooms.

If you weren’t able to attend the Art Show on Monday evening, please enjoy looking at photographs of some of the artworks below. Encourage your child to talk to you about their artwork/s displayed in the show and how they went about making and creating these pieces.

Grade 1/2 A&B – Cyanotypes

Yesterday Grade 1/2 students made these gorgeous cyanotypes.

They began by tracing two creatures of their choice using permanent marker onto a sheet of transparency. Then students created a habitat arrangement for their creatures using sticks, leaves, plants and grass from outside in the school yard.

Once their composition was complete, students carefully moved their transparency sheet with accompanying plant material onto a sheet of cyanotype paper. They carried their boards outside and placed them in the sun for a few short minutes. Cyanotype paper reacts to UV light.

When students took their boards back inside, they removed the plant material and transparency sheet to reveal a unique photogram. The looks and sounds of excitement amongst the students was just wonderful. They rinsed their artwork in running water to fix it into place and to stop further exposure whilst still wowing at the results.

All of the cyanotypes will be on display at the upcoming Art Show on Monday 22 May.


Grade 3/4 A&B – City Buildings


Grade 3/4 students have been busy working on their city buildings. Students have been exploring the work of Paul Klee and the way he used colour and shape in his artworks. They have also been learning about how to create an illusion of distance and depth in an artwork by using a basic one point perspective technique and the element of tone.

The students finished artworks will be presented as a standing installation in the upcoming Art Show!

Grade 5/6 A&B – Monochromatic ‘Blue Dog’


Grade 5/6 students have been exploring the work of George Rodrigue. He was Born in Louisiana in the USA and is best known for his Blue Dog series of paintings. Rodrigue modelled the Blue Dog after his own pet named Tiffany.

Students are learning about tints and shades in order to paint an appropriation of ‘Blue Dog’ in a monochromatic way. For a traditional monochrome painting, only a single colour of paint, and black and white are used to create different colour tint and shade values in an image.

I’m looking really forward to seeing the students finished paintings. Stay tuned!

Grade Prep – Around the Farm!

Grade Prep A have been exploring the work of American illustrator Eric Carle and the way that he works with the method of collage to illustrate his stories.

Students began their artworks by preparing different painted sheets of paper to use in their collage. The sky was created using blue food dye. Salt was sprinkled on the wet food dye and as it dried, a blotchy pattern appeared. The students thought these blotches looked like clouds. They used green acrylic paint to cover paper for grass – moving a plastic spatular over their work to create a textured effect.

Students practiced their paper cutting and tearing skills to collage clouds in the sky and grass on the ground. Each student then created a cow and an additional one-two animals of their choice to add to their collage.